Brisbane based Singer, choir director, arranger & teacher



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choral direction

Alex has worked as both Choral and Music Director with many groups, with a focus in contemporary choral music. Having spent almost all of her childhood singing in various choirs, her love for harmonies and vocal music has flourished with each piece. With a love of both contemporary and jazz styles, Alex loves working on a range of music, and will make sure to have a healthy balance of repertoire across all of the groups she works with.

Whether you’d like her to be at your rehearsal each week, or for a one-off workshop, contact Alex to discuss a plan for your group.


Alex is an experienced and highly skilled arranger when it comes to both contemporary a cappella and modern choral repertoire. Alex’s work as an arranger has seen her win both state & national awards in A Cappella arranging (AUSACA, 2015 & 2016), as well as being commissioned to both arrange and compose pieces for groups both nationally and internationally. No project is too big or small - Alex loves to tackle it all. Contact Alex to get in touch.

There is also a selection of arrangements for purchase via the SHOP page.




Alex offers individual lessons where she will tailor the lessons to suit you, and what you want to achieve. The lessons will include work on vocal technique, theory, aural musicianship and performance coaching, with lessons being offered for 30 or 60 minute slots. Lessons are taught on weekday afternoons in Westlake. If you’d like to discuss further options, don’t hesitate to use the contact form to get in touch with Alex.